Steven Moffat on writing Lynda Day from Press Gang:
"Because I’ve never been a 17 year old girl, it’s rather interesting to think like one, or rather to force yourself to consider the world from that perspective. And it actually started to make me angry. I’d never really thought about it before, but you know, when I’d consider the world from the viewpoint of this dynamic, highly intelligent, highly talented 17 year old girl, and think what’s going to happen to her, think about how much harder it’s going to be for her than it would be if she’s been a boy, it made me SO angry.” 
what a sexist!!! why didn’t they put that on the list?!!cause it doesn’t fit in their small mind. 

does this quote cancel out other quotes though? off the top of my head i know he joked about nancy being a ‘slut’ on the DVD commentary for ‘the doctor dances’ — so there’s one shitty sexist joke vs one good quote, do they cancel each other out?
i haven’t read the post in question in your screencap but since it calls itself a list of sexist things moffat has said, of course they’re not including things that moffat said that aren’t sexist, just like i wouldn’t expect it to include sexist things other people have said. this post is not pretending to be a compendium of every quote moffat has ever said. it’s cool that he said this one thing about a show like 20 years ago or whatever, but that doesn’t change the shitty things he HAS said, nor does it necessarily change what people feel about his writing. someone can say something good one day and then something shitty the next day, i’m not necessarily obligated to overlook the shitty thing they did because they did something nice the day before.

I mean even broken clock is right twice a day. 

people need to learn that being negative about everything isnt a good trait

lame as fuck tbh

It’s been so long that I can’t really remember the exact context under which I made this, but I seem to recall that it was at the request of a member of TSS who hadn’t played MGS1 and wanted a primer. I obliged with this. I made it in 2008…and, boy, you can tell.
look at this gaylord (not me the dog)

Vladimir Putin as every member of the Village People A few people asked to see this although I believe Matty Knight was the first